Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere

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Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere – 2017 prices

Last updated on June 25, 2017.

Prices in US dollars ($), updated automatically per latest exchange rate. For price comparison in local currency, please scroll down to the next table.

 Speedy Bandouliere 25Speedy Bandouliere 30Speedy Bandouliere 35Speedy Bandouliere 40
Australia excl. GST$1,197$1,218$1,238$1,259
Australia incl. GST$1,317$1,340$1,362$1,385
Brazil incl. VAT$1,557$1,587$1,617$1,647
Canada excl. tax$1,267$1,282$1,304$1,327
China excl. VAT$1,313$1,338$1,363$1,375
China incl. VAT$1,536$1,565$1,594$1,609
France excl. VAT$914$928$942$960
France incl. VAT$1,097$1,114$1,130$1,153
Germany excl. VAT$922$936$950$969
Germany incl. VAT$1,097$1,114$1,130$1,153
Hong Kong$1,449$1,474$1,500$1,526
Italy excl. VAT$899$913$927$945
Italy incl. VAT$1,097$1,114$1,130$1,153
Japan excl. tax$1,348$1,366$1,384$1,402
Japan incl. tax$1,456$1,475$1,494$1,514
Russia incl. VAT$1,421$1,447$1,472$1,497
South Korea excl. VAT$1,318$1,338$1,358$1,378
South Korea incl. VAT$1,450$1,472$1,494$1,516
Spain excl. VAT$907$920$935$953
Spain incl. VAT$1,097$1,114$1,130$1,153
UK excl. VAT$970$981$996$1,018
UK incl. VAT$1,164$1,177$1,196$1,221
USA excl. tax$1,370$1,390$1,410$1,430

Prices in local currency.

 Speedy Bandouliere 25Speedy Bandouliere 30Speedy Bandouliere 35Speedy Bandouliere 40
Australia excl. GSTA$1582A$1609A$1636A$1664
Australia incl. GSTA$1740A$1770A$1800A$1830
Brazil incl. VATR$5200R$5300R$5400R$5500
Canada excl. taxC$1680C$1700C$1730C$1760
China excl. VAT¥8974¥9145¥9316¥9402
China incl. VAT¥10500¥10700¥10900¥11000
France excl. VAT€817€829€842€858
France incl. VAT€980€995€1010€1030
Germany excl. VAT€824€836€849€866
Germany incl. VAT€980€995€1010€1030
Hong KongHK$11300HK$11500HK$11700HK$11900
Italy excl. VAT€803€816€828€844
Italy incl. VAT€980€995€1010€1030
Japan excl. tax¥150000¥152000¥154000¥156000
Japan incl. tax¥162000¥164160¥166320¥168480
Russia incl. VAT84500₽86000₽87500₽89000₽
South Korea excl. VAT₩1495455₩1518182₩1540909₩1563636
South Korea incl. VAT₩1645000₩1670000₩1695000₩1720000
Spain excl. VAT€810€822€835€851
Spain incl. VAT€980€995€1010€1030
UK excl. VAT£763£771£783£800
UK incl. VAT£915£925£940£960
USA excl. tax$1370$1390$1410$1430

Louis Vuitton prices apply for the following material styles: Monogram Canvas (pictured above), Damier Ebene Canvas, and Damier Azur Canvas.

Acronyms are used to differentiate between several Louis Vuitton handbag model sizes: BB (very small), PM (small), MM (medium) and GM (large). Actual sizes and options will vary by model. Some handbags are classified as NM which stands for New Model.

USA & Canadian prices are excluding sales tax (USA: 0-10% depending on the State; Canada: 5-15% depending on the Province or Territory). VAT rates across European countries range between 15-25%. European countries highlighted above have the following VAT rates: Germany (19%), France (20%), Italy (22%), Spain (21%), and Great Britain (20% for England, Scotland, and Wales).

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