Louis Vuitton Neverfull

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Louis Vuitton Neverfull – 2017 prices

Last updated on August 21, 2017.

Prices in US dollars ($), updated automatically per latest exchange rate. For price comparison in local currency, please scroll down to the next table.

 Neverfull PMNeverfull MMNeverfull GM
Australia excl. GST$1,145$1,210$1,275
Australia incl. GST$1,259$1,331$1,402
Brazil incl. VAT$1,509$1,605$1,684
Canada excl. tax$1,207$1,278$1,350
China excl. VAT$1,159$1,235$1,306
China incl. VAT$1,356$1,445$1,528
France excl. VAT$876$926$974
France incl. VAT$1,051$1,110$1,169
Germany excl. VAT$883$933$982
Germany incl. VAT$1,051$1,110$1,169
Hong Kong$1,253$1,329$1,406
Italy excl. VAT$862$910$958
Italy incl. VAT$1,051$1,110$1,169
Japan excl. tax$1,181$1,263$1,336
Japan incl. tax$1,275$1,364$1,443
Russia incl. VAT$1,315$1,391$1,459
South Korea excl. VAT$1,130$1,202$1,278
South Korea incl. VAT$1,243$1,322$1,405
Spain excl. VAT$869$917$966
Spain incl. VAT$1,051$1,110$1,169
UK excl. VAT$896$943$992
UK incl. VAT$1,075$1,133$1,191
USA excl. tax$1,180$1,260$1,340

Prices in local currency.

 Neverfull PMNeverfull MMNeverfull GM
Australia excl. GSTA$1445A$1527A$1609
Australia incl. GSTA$1590A$1680A$1770
Brazil incl. VATR$4750R$5050R$5300
Canada excl. taxC$1520C$1610C$1700
China excl. VAT¥7735¥8248¥8718
China incl. VAT¥9050¥9650¥10200
France excl. VAT€746€788€829
France incl. VAT€895€945€995
Germany excl. VAT€752€794€836
Germany incl. VAT€895€945€995
Hong KongHK$9800HK$10400HK$11000
Italy excl. VAT€734€775€816
Italy incl. VAT€895€945€995
Japan excl. tax¥129000¥138000¥146000
Japan incl. tax¥139320¥149040¥157680
Russia incl. VAT77500₽82000₽86000₽
South Korea excl. VAT₩1286364₩1368182₩1454545
South Korea incl. VAT₩1415000₩1505000₩1600000
Spain excl. VAT€740€781€822
Spain incl. VAT€895€945€995
UK excl. VAT£696£733£771
UK incl. VAT£835£880£925
USA excl. tax$1180$1260$1340

Louis Vuitton prices apply for the following material styles: Monogram Canvas (pictured above), Damier Ebene Canvas, and Damier Azur Canvas.

Acronyms are used to differentiate between several Louis Vuitton handbag model sizes: BB (very small), PM (small), MM (medium) and GM (large). Actual sizes and options will vary by model. Some handbags are classified as NM which stands for New Model.

USA & Canadian prices are excluding sales tax (USA: 0-10% depending on the State; Canada: 5-15% depending on the Province or Territory). VAT rates across European countries range between 15-25%. European countries highlighted above have the following VAT rates: Germany (19%), France (20%), Italy (22%), Spain (21%), and Great Britain (20% for England, Scotland, and Wales).

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