Balenciaga Classic City

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Balenciaga Classic City – 2017 prices

Last updated on December 16, 2017.

Balenciaga prices below apply for the regular, silver, and gold models. Prices are compared in US dollars ($), updated per the latest exchange rate. For price comparison in local currency, please scroll down to the next table.

 Classic Mini CityClassic City SClassic City
China excl. VAT$1,368$1,700$1,848
China incl. VAT$1,600$1,989$2,162
France excl. VAT$975$1,268$1,367
France incl. VAT$1,170$1,522$1,640
GB excl. VAT$871$1,138$1,216
GB incl. VAT$1,046$1,366$1,459
Germany excl. VAT$983$1,279$1,378
Germany incl. VAT$1,170$1,522$1,640
Hong Kong$1,395$1,716$1,920
Italy excl. VAT$959$1,247$1,344
Italy incl. VAT$1,170$1,522$1,640
Spain excl. VAT$966$1,258$1,355
Spain incl. VAT$1,170$1,522$1,640
USA excl. tax$1,325$1,645$1,835

Price comparison for the Balenciaga Classic City in local currency below.

 Classic Mini CityClassic City SClassic City
China excl. VAT¥9043¥11239¥12214
China incl. VAT¥10580¥13150¥14290
France excl. VAT€829€1079€1163
France incl. VAT€995€1295€1395
GB excl. VAT£654£854£913
GB incl. VAT£785£1025£1095
Germany excl. VAT€836€1088€1172
Germany incl. VAT€995€1295€1395
Hong KongHK$10900HK$13400HK$15000
Italy excl. VAT€816€1061€1143
Italy incl. VAT€995€1295€1395
Spain excl. VAT€822€1070€1153
Spain incl. VAT€995€1295€1395
USA excl. tax$1325$1645$1835

In the United States and Canada, sales taxes are not included in the retail price. This will be added to the retail price at checkout depending on the location of purchase (USA: 0-10%, varies by State; Canada: 5-15%, varies by Province or Territory). Retail prices in all other countries listed include sales taxes (e.g., VAT, GST).

VAT rates across European countries range between 15-25%. European countries highlighted above have the following VAT rates: Germany (19%), France (20%), Italy (22%), Spain (21%), and Great Britain (20% for England, Scotland, and Wales).

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