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Prices are collected for the most popular designer handbags across countries to provide you with a simple overview of where you can get your dream bag for less. Prices are compared in US dollars (using current exchange rates) and local currency. Designer handbag prices vary across countries primarily as a result of local price policies, fluctuations in exchange rates and differing taxes (e.g., sales tax, VAT, GST). We collect and check information on a frequent basis. If you find an error, please let us know using the feedback form.

Taxation and refunds

The table below provides an overview of tax policies (for designer handbags) by country & region for which prices are compared on this site.

 VAT / Sales taxTax included in retail price?Tax refund for tourists?
Brazil17-19%YesNot available
Canada5-15%NoNot available
Hong Kong0%--
Russia18%YesNot available
South Korea10%YesAvailable
USA0-10%NoNot available

As you can see, when buying your designer handbag in Canada or the USA, a sales tax will be added to the retail price. Sales taxes in the USA differ by State, and by Province or Territory in Canada. In both countries, even if you are a tourist, you will not be able to claim a tax refund at the airport. If you are considering claiming a tax refund in a country where this is offered, make sure to check the refund policies (including how ‘tourists’ are defined) prior to engaging in a purchase. Definitely some great potential savings!

Credit card fees

Lastly, be aware that credit card companies charge approx. 2-3% in foreign-exchange fees on any purchase that is not in your home currency. To avoid this charge, you should consider getting a no foreign exchange fee credit card, if available in your country.

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